Momentum and Manifestation. (short article)

Many people often have a difficult time with trying to create manifestations in their life due to the fact that they are working on something that had ALOT of backward momentum.

If your trying to go one way, but your having thoughts that are paying attention to the current reality in which is going the OTHER way.

It’s time to make some changes…

We can come up against blocks when we are trying to manifest against something that already has a lot of momentum going for it.

It’s like the old car rolling down the hill metaphor, easy to stop at the top of the hill, catastrophic to try at the bottom.

A great manifestation to look at is money…

Someone who is not abundant in money will have a hard time suddenly finding themselves with one million dollars.

One million dollars is a far jump from being non abundant in money isn’t it?

Would it be easier to get from non abundance to perhaps $500? Or $1000?

Or straight to one million dollars?

I know which one I would prefer but I also know which one my beliefs have less resistance against, meaning the one I believe to be the most possible.

Most people will have less resistance against the thought of 500 dollars compared to the resistance to 1,000,000.

Use your emotions to feel around certain subjects that you are trying to work on or improve in your life and you’ll be able to see pretty clearly if you truly believe that something can happen or not.

You’ll then know to start changing a few beliefs that you have that are not benefiting you.

A belief is just a thought that has been repeated a lot, if your unhappy with the belief then change your thoughts.



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