5 Tips to improve your mood and raise the vibes!!

I find that we can all  become a little stuck with my thoughts, its like I’m constantly learning a new flow with each contrasting experience I come into (the experience in life we see as negative that in reality is just there to show us what we actually want in life)

Often I used to find myself sitting and googling strange things like “why am I sad” or “great ways to feel happy”. I have now done so much work with getting myself out of my own puddle that I want to share a few of these things with all of you and in doing so I hope that you too will find your light in the dark because if your reading this you probably already know that we could all use a helping hand .


This one always sounds a little too simple to be helpful but seriously, we don’t breath enough. the amount of oxygen that we generally need to complete proper energy transfers within our body and the amount we actually get when we are not consciously breathing is vastly different….. so try it!   Next time that you are feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts, try the 4,7,8 breathing method.

This method is simple, keep good posture and breath in deeply for four seconds, hold for seven seconds and then breath out for eight seconds, repeat the process and continue the process until you find you better-feeling place.


Personally I have never been an avid nap taker, I always kind of looked at it as wasted time that I could be doing things towards my life with, but the honest truth is that i should get my name changed to sleeping beaut cause there is no keeping me awake if the thoughts are proving to be challenging and the opportunity for a lay down is present.

We should never sit with a problem that we have in life and just continuously throw our bad emotions at it because the truth is that it does absolutely nothing to solve the problem or give you any better vibrations

to come into alignment with a better feeling thought and a better feeling vibration…take a nap.

napping is an excellent way to change your vibration without having to do anything besides lay down, focus on your breathing and let your body do the rest.

because when your sleeping your mind doesn’t stay on that one thought that is pulling your vibration down, it wipes the slate clean and allows better feeling thoughts in.
When you wake up have a stretch drink some water and enjoy a little bit of sun if it is showing itself at that moment. you vibrational frequency will be different.


 something i picked up on a few years ago when beginning my studies of vibrations is that listening to music tuned to 432hz will fill the mind with ease and contentment. listening to this frequency will relax the energy bodies therefor relaxing the physical  body, in turn, relaxing you and raising your vibration 


For a while now researches have piled up evidence of colour having a direct effect on the thoughts and feelings of humans, simply said it changes our vibration and the colours we see have the ability to reflect in our moods and perceptions of the world.

I’m not saying you can’t feel great in black, but if your feeling depressed I would recommend playing around with some yellow and white colours instead of grabbing the same favourite black top we have been wearing for the past three days…if your anything like me that is.

Do anything from a colouring book to just looking to see how many different colours you can find, your mind will appreciate your focus point being on something pretty instead of those thoughts that we were choosing that just did not serve us.


I often found that someone told me to go and do some physical exercise when i was feeling a little bit down in the dumps was a sure way to write my name all over that bad feeling and lock me inside of it.

alas, i am here with the same advice.

You don’t HAVE to go for a run, but you do have to get your body moving and i promise its going to feel so much better then the idea of getting up does. (personal experience)                                    Go for a small walk, jump on the spot or just stretch but whatever you do change your positions and release some of the energy that you are always creating.                                                                        This will give room for new energy to form in a more positive vibration and bring you right out of that puddle we mentioned earlier.


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