Three hacks to finding your Inner Self on demand.

Every day we are met with experiences that can determine how we think, feel and act. these events cause us who are still learning our path to falter and stumble as the rocks seem to be thrown in front of us without us having any say in the matter.

If you are familiar with frequencies and vibrations then you will understand that it is the universal make up of absolutely everything, everything vibrates at different frequencies, we decipher these vibrations through our taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell.

We get so used to deciphering these messages with our physical senses that we end up living in the physical world completely, often at times, there can be a little or reduced connection to our higher/inner selves.

Many of us been in this situation, it’s the times you get down about your circumstances, for example, you lose a partner or you’re not in the best situation financially these are essentially all environmental circumstances.

Environmental circumstances cannot be the creator of your happiness, that must come from inside.

Below is five great hacks to notice those negative thoughts that conjure your negative emotion, Effectively with patience re-writing your neural pathways to fire into the light, instead of the dark.casual-close-up-cracks-979602 (1).jpg



In today’s age, we seem to be living in a time when we do not have to think for ourselves all the time. simply put the telly on and done, your in the alpha state and whatever goes in your subconscious does not question.

The brilliant thing is that when we have experiences that may make our mind fire to a negative thought we have the power in that very moment, to switch that thought to something else. we can either see what we want to see in a moment or we can choose to look the other way at something that does make us feel enjoyable emotions.

Your thoughts are a choice, not a forced inner dialogue that you are at the mercy of.

Next time you catch yourself feeling a negative emotion like anger, frustration, dismay, sadness. Think of something that brings you joy, love, gratitude and compassion do it for just 15 seconds and you will pull yourself out of the negative spiral and back into alignment with who you are.



Fear is the natural flight or fight response system hardwired into our brains.

It is the synapse that fires when we are near danger, and its the knee-jerk reaction that pulls us swiftly out of danger when the time calls for it. However at times, we can find ourselves feeling as if we should fight or fly nearly any time of the day, these feelings are not always needed and when they are not, well I know that for me when they are not needed its something ridiculous like my phone ringing and then suddenly it spiralling into a world of anxious feelings and thoughts.

So whilst you focus your thoughts in the other direction, ensure that you focus on your breathing at the same time as it will calm your vibration in a way that will allow for better thoughts to come through the doorway.



If you find yourself sitting with your emotions, in whatever form you are at a time, you might be standing or you might be laying down but either you have felt these emotions and now your not enjoying your experience because well, its a negative experience and usually what people want is to feel positive and to feel joy.

Just. do. something. else.

Here are three things instead of whatever you were doing that made you feel the negative emotion

Jump up and down, run, clap your hands loudly for 30 seconds

There are so many more that are possible, the opportunities are endless but if you would just get your to mind off of the on thought or the few thoughts that are causing those negative emotions because YOU are choosing to focus on this thought and switch your focus to something that has a better feeling to it….it will change for you!


The list of things you can think about that are positive is the exact same as the list of negatives, it just depends on what list you decide to tick off.


Written by

Jesse McLean



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