You Create Your Reality



From my perspective

Reality is the vibration frequency that we align ourselves within any given moment.

reality is the bi-product of the thoughts we choose to think

We have come from what is commonly phrased through Abraham hicks and many other motivational speakers as “source energy”

To easier explain it in this setting, I am going to call it thought energy.
simply put, everything was, is and always will be thought energy.
If you live in a house, the walls and the roof around you were planned, mapped out and drawn up before it was a physical house that we can see touch and feel.
Somebody somewhere had the thought, that brought the feeling which then manifested the house.

After the house has crumbled and is replaced by the future, the house has gone back into thought energy as you can still conjure it in your mind.
The time the house spends on the physical platform of physical reality is a lot shorter then it is in the process of becoming and then of being remembered.

A man without house wants a house, he wants to be able to look after his family and he thinks by having this house he will feel the good feelings that he associates with having.
He thinks about it all day every day. He feels fear, anger, frustration and despair for his current circumstance in his physical reality.
(following his thought that he has to have the house to feel good)architecture-beautiful-exterior-106399 (1).jpg

He knows within himself how good it will feel if he gets the house, because his family will then in his eyes “be safe” However as he does not have the house in physical form yet (meaning he can not touch it, smell it, taste it or sense it with any of his physical senses) he accepts this as his reality and feels the negative emotions tied with the thoughts of lack that he is choosing to experience.

Put simply when we think we feel when we feel we vibrate.
This must mean that the when we think we vibrate. I’m going to go even further to say simply that when you choose positive thoughts, you are choosing a positive vibration and therefore a reality with the same vibration must follow

However when you are feeling bad, And you’re feeling bad because of a thought you chose to put energy into. Meaning that you chose to allow that thought to breathe to the point where it manifested physical feelings into your body
you then lower your vibration.

They spin so fast that sometimes we can get confused about which comes first. This happens when we think the physical thing must come in order for the feeling to follow.
It is the other way around, we must have positive thoughts in order to manifest the positive feelings, This, in turn, will attract the positive outcome we seek.

To better play, this instrument lets try it on the other hand

There is another man…
this man has a house and has his family safe inside it.
His thoughts do not centre around the fear of not having, because the physical reality for this gentlemen is that he has had a house for the last ten years. he gives complete trust to the thought that he will never be without a house because he has never experienced a contrasting experience related to houses.

He accepts as his reality that he has a house and that his family is safe inside it because that is what the physical reality is to him the time, with his acceptance of this, comes natural feelings of safety, abundance and closure and so because the thoughts of the house brought him good feelings, naturally the vibration was raised.

he then goes on to continually receive what he is vibrationally active about “the having of a house” where we see with the other gentlemen he continued receiving what he was vibrationally active about “the lack thereof”baby-beach-blur-1166989.jpg

When we want something, it has come from a contrasting experience(an event in life we deem negative), something that didn’t bring us positive emotion and made us see clearly what we don’t want. When we form that picture of what we don’t want, We at the same time form a better picture of what we do want.
When we focus on this contrasting experience and the thoughts and feelings of what we don’t want, we lower our vibration so we become vibrationally active about the thing we didn’t want.

Therefore bringing it to our physical reality from our thought energy which resides on obviously a completely different plane of existence, one that is not limited by space and time.


Using the second man as an example here, he chooses the thoughts and feelings that are negative by focusing his thoughts and energy on the thing that he doesn’t actually want, meaning he is tuning his vibration not to what he desires because we know what he desires is the house, but he is turning his vibration to the lack of it instead.

Where we see with the first man, who vibrates to the frequency of having instead of lacking. He Will does not focus his thoughts on all the terrible things that possibly could happen to his family as they do not have a house.

Instead focuses his thoughts and energy on the good feelings that would come if he did have a house.
Circumstantially it never matters where we are at any given time so long as we are vibrationally active about what we actually want instead of what we don’t want.
the thoughts we choose to think and the feelings we feel from those thoughts are what shape our reality in any given moment.

we must then become a vibration match for that something to manifest into our physical reality

written by
Jesse McLean


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